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Founded in the early 1960’s, Ida Bell Circle is a unified body of dedicated women working for God through our local church. Led by Sister Linda Welch, we meet on the second Tuesday of each month. We laugh, cry, fellowship, hear God’s word and plan events at our church. In addition to our monthly meetings we hold fundraisers and go on outings. All women are invited to come and join us … you’ll be blessed!


Ida Bell February 2018


Ida Bell Ladies’ Conference held on Saturday October 8th, 2016


Ida Bell August 2016 Video

Coats For The Homeless

IDA BELL's visit to drop off coats for the homeless was filled with mixed emotions. On getting there, we met with no one; it seemed they had all gone out in search of food or so, but we could tell they had people living there. After hanging around for a while, we finally dropped the coats in the various tents with some cover sheets, Bibles and water. We said a prayer and left with the intention of coming back to check to make sure they had actually come back and received the gifts.

On coming back two (2) days later to confirm, we were glad to noticed the coats had been used, the cover sheets and all the water we had placed there for them had also been used.

We acknowledge without doubt that God has been good to us, even for things like shelter, which we sometimes take for granted.

Please leave your comments and thoughts below; we would love to hear them. God bless you!

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