“Perfect Peace”

  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee; because he trusteth in thee.”
                                                                                                                                  Isaiah 26:3
    The prophet Isaiah gives a wonderful promise to the one whose mind is “stayed” on God. The idea that one could live in a constant state of peace is a relishing thought. It is desirous of many, if not all in this tumultuous world in which we live.
     Peaceful moments are sought after and cherished in the fast moving lifestyle practiced by many in today’s society. A number of books have been authored addressing the subject of attaining peace in stressful situations; it seems that almost everyone has an antidote to cope with conflict in their lives. These methods range from “meditation” to “medication”, the later often leads to dependency, which in itself is a serious problem. The truth of the matter is; life is not always peaceful. There are times we will face adversity and strife regardless of how hard we try to maintain peace in our lives. Some things are unavoidable, and the only way to conquer them is to meet the challenge head on.
     The prophet is telling us that problems don’t necessarily have to steal our peace. If we have a mind that is “stayed “on God we can maintain peace as we battle issues that arise in our lives. The real secret is to have a spiritual relationship with Christ Jesus. He will keep us in perfect peace no matter what we may face.
     Perfect peace is the ability to maintain a peaceful nature even in times of trouble and strife. True and perfect peace is the result of a spiritual mind set. To have one’s mind “stayed” on God is to focus continually on His word which promises He will never leave nor forsake us. Perfect peace does not mean a life without storms; it means we won’t face storms without God. The certainty of God’s Holy Spirit accompanying us through trials enables the mind to remain peaceful even in times of trouble. It is important to know that Satan cannot steal a Christian’s peace. He can only try to impede or disrupt that peace through whatever means available in his arsenal of demonic weapons.
    The prophet Isaiah promises that if we trust in God, and keep our mind “stayed” on Him, we shall abide in “perfect peace”. My prayer is that we all seek to have the “mind of Christ” rule in our lives which will ensure that we have perfect peace.
-Brother Eddie