It’s Been a Good Year

All news reports and popular opinion polls suggest that we have just come through a bad year. Lost jobs, high inflation, and government spending has caused a true feeling of unrest and uneasiness in our nation today. Officials and politicians scurry around to try and find answers to ease or impede the raging flow of discontentment that abounds in our country which is not accustomed to seeing such hard times. Anger and fear are building to a point that causes one to become very concerned. People are looking for answers, but are they looking in the right places? We as a nation have grown too comfortable in having someone else solve our problems. We don’t function very well when things are bad. It consumes us, and prevents us from living the life of luxury that we have all grown to enjoy. We just want things to get better; we are not really eager to struggle or put forth effort to affect our desired outcome. It’s much easier to just complain, and point fingers of accusation. Allow me to borrow a saying that has been around for a long time. It is time America “rolled up it’s sleeves” and worked to fix the problem. Before we all break out in a sweat, let me explain. We have got to return to our values, and principles that made this country strong. “A Nation Under God”; means exactly that. We are under the authority and guidance of Almighty God. We must seek his will, and live by his commandments to really enjoy success.

The title of this article states that “It’s Been a Good Year”. The reason it has been a good year has nothing to do with the economy or condition of the world. It has been good because of a relationship with Jesus Christ. His promise that he will not leave or forsake us is ever in my heart, ensuring that I’m never alone, and never without hope. It’s been a good year because he has blessed me, even when I didn’t deserve it. It’s been good because; by his stripes, I am healed. It’s been good that I have seen spiritual growth in the church. He blessed us to build a new youth center, and allowed us to reach out to others with spiritual and material help. We saw new members come into our congregation. We experienced unity in the beautiful and natural setting of the North Ga. Mountains. Souls have been won to Christ, saints have grown more committed to God’s will, and we all have seen the true love of God as our church continues to give to others. As I reflect on the events of this past year. I would have to say; “It’s been a good year”. Thank you lord for your blessings on me.

Brother Eddie

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  1. The First Pentecostal Church of Villa Rica ga is a true blessing to all that enter in and those that have been lost. My heart is filled with love and hope for a better way of life. I’m a sinner but by the grace of God’s love I am saved. Washed in the Blood of Jesus, by his stripes I am healed. God bless you

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